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Prepared from all natural ingredients. SBM Rejuena is a wonderful Ayurvedic preparation. Rejuena helps to eliminate the body toxins and boosts the daily energy, Immune system and enabling body to fight against diseases.


Prepared from all natural ingredients. SBM Rejuena is a wonderful Ayurvedic preparation formulated by combining modern science with ancient wisdom. Rejuena help to eliminates the body toxins and boosts the immune system and  enabling  body to fight against diseases. 

Through the systematic and continuous use of SBM Rejuena, the body help to eliminate all toxins from the blood and rejuvenate the whole system. Its anti-inflammatory formulation help to reduce body heat. SBM Rejuena is an excellent  preparation help to promote blood purification and an ideal remedy for many toxic diseases. It also help to use against the loss of sperm count and infertility. 

SBM Rejuena has proved itself to help with many deadly diseases that have been declared incurable by allopathic medicines, with thousands of satisfied customers as testimony to the same!

Benefits of SBM Rejuena :

  • SBM Rejuena help to cleanse each and every cell of the body and eliminates the toxins from body.
  • Help to Strengthens and rejuvenates kidneys and adrenals.
  • Help to Assist recovery and recuperation from illness.
  • Help to Boost energy when feeling down and listless.
  • Help to Attain best possible immunity to fight against diseases.
  • Help to Prevent illness and premature degeneration of body cells.
  • Help to Rejuvenates and recharges your body within one-month use of SBM Rejuena.
  • Help with ailments that you have had for a prolonged period of time even after trying various therapies. (Allergies, Swellings in the body, Pain in the joints, Fungal infections etc).
  • When the blood is purified, circulatory system is enhanced. As a result, it maintains the blood pressure and cholesterol level within a normal range.
  • Helps to improve health & vitality
  • Helps to Correct Liver Functions and improve Immune power
  • Helps to Eliminate toxins( Nicotine, Caffeine, Insecticides, Pesticides, etc.) from the body

How does SBM Rejuena works :

Modern Science has identified hundreds of elements in food and environment which are carcinogens (In Ayurveda these kinds of elements are called Vishas (toxins)). If the blood is contaminated with toxins and impurities, it hampers our body’s immunity day by day. Rejuena provides a remedial action for it.

The difference between all other medicines and SBM Rejuena is that while SBM Rejuena may help to strengthens our own body and fight diseases, modern medicines kill germs by poisoning them. 

Method of Use :

  • Shake Well Before Use
  • Take one ounce each in the morning and evening, 30 minutes before food.
  • For best results, use regularly for the first two months.

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Works well.
Works well for immunity & energy booster.
Feel good energy level compare to before. Thanks SBM. Review by Prakash Raja. / (Posted on 4/15/2018)