Who can use Ayurvedic Products?

Ayurvedic formulas are recommended for most healthy adult people as a means to promote better health and well-being. However, we do recommend the following precautions:

  • Pregnant women or women nursing a baby refrain from taking ANY herbs due to lack of testing of most herbs on fetuses and infants.
  • All of our formulas are intended for adults, and are not recommended for children under the age of 18.
  • People who have food allergies, sensitivities or digestive problems should be cautious when taking herbs, and carefully review the ingredients on the label for potential allergic reactions.
  • If you're currently taking any prescription medication, please see your doctor before taking herbs to ensure there are no contraindications (we cannot advise on contraindications with medicine you may be taking).
  • If you have a serious or life-threatening medical condition, please see your doctor.

What dosage should I take?

Most Ayervedic formulas have dosage instructions on the label. This should be your guideline for the maximum dosage you should take of an herb or formula. Individuals with lighter weights and those sensitive to herbs would typically take less than the maximum dosage.

If you're taking an herbal formula for the first time, you may want to start out at a reduced dosage to make sure your body and digestive system tolerate the herb satisfactorily and then increase the dosage to reach the desired effects. Many herbalists also recommend "breaks" for continuously used herbs to help rest your body (i.e. not taking an herb every 4th day and every 4th week).

Please Note: we are unable to provide specific dosage instructions beyond the manufacturer product labels. Please consult a trained herbalist for individualized dosage instructions.

I've taken an herbal formula for several days, and I still don't feel anything.

Be patient. Most Ayurvedic formulas take time to build up in your system and produce the desired effects. Medicinal herbs are similar to nutritious foods, acting to strengthen your body and optimize your health over longer periods of time. While some herbs produce effects within a few days, most take several weeks to several months of regular use to produce the desired health effects.

This is in contrast to Western remedies such as pain relievers, which may relieve a condition for a few hours while doing nothing to address the underlying condition in the body.

Can you diagnose my condition?

We are an online vendor of Ayurvedic products/supplements sold in the North America as dietary supplements. We DO NOT provide diagnoses for customers. If you'd like professional advice on your condition, we recommend you meet personally with your physician.

Can I take herbs with prescription medications?

If you're taking prescription medication and/or currently under treatment by a doctor, we urge you to check with your doctor BEFORE ordering or taking any Herbal/Natural supplement.

WE ARE NOT DOCTOR, and are therefore unable to provide any advice related to contraindications or issues with your current medical treatment.

Can I take herbs while pregnant or nursing?

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND taking any of our herbs while pregnant or nursing, due to the lack of adequate safety data on possible effects on the fetus and/or infant.

Can I take several herbal formulas at the same time?

In general, it is okay to take several formulas concurrently provided they do not contain overlapping ingredients or functions. Check the primary ingredients for each formula to be sure you're not getting too much of one particular herb. If there are overlapping ingredients, you may lower your dosage appropriately.

Similarly, try not to take full strength dosages of formulas which serve the same function (e.g. pain, laxative, etc.). Even though the ingredients may not be the same, they could have similar effects on your body - so it's best not to overdo it. For individualized instruction on taking multiple herbal formulas, we recommend you see your physician or trained herbalist.

What are your Shipping Costs?

Shipping cost is based on the product weight and destination. We are a large volume shipper, so we can pass the discounted low rates from our shipping company to our customers directly. 

Are Ayurvedic herbs safe?

Ayurvedic formulas have been used for thousands of years in India and China with few negative health effects. When taken as directed and with common sense, most Ayurvedic herbs are no more unsafe than common food items. At Vedic Ayur Care Inc., we work with our Manufactures to ensure that our products meet the safety expectations of our customers. Our herbal formulas are from internationally certified "GMP" (Good Manufacturing Practices) factories that extensively test the raw herbs and finished products for quality and purity.

Ordering Questions

Is it safe to order from you online?

We want you to feel confident that your purchase is transacted with the utmost security. We employ the Internet's strongest security technologies, including 256 bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Transactions are protected by the highest levels of encryption available to ensure security and privacy. The information is encrypted on your computer, sent through the Internet as jumbled code, and decoded on our merchant processor's secure server (Vedic Ayur Care Inc. does not store your credit card information).

Can I order by phone?

YES you can. To keep our prices low, Vedic Ayur Care Inc is founded as an online health store with all orders made through our secure online shopping cart. Ordering online is the fastest and most accurate way to place your order. However, our customers who prefer to place orders over the phone, you may order via our toll-free number during normal business hours. If you're calling outside of normal business hours, please leave a detailed message with your callback number, and we will return your call as soon as possible.

When calling our order line, please be ready with your product names, credit card information, billing address and shipping address (if different). Our toll-free order line is (905) 581-2789. For all non-order related inquiries (i.e. questions about outstanding orders, products, policies) - please use our “Contact Us” Form.

Do you accept Paypal?

Yes - Paypal payments are now fully integrated into our online shopping cart.
To use Paypal, simply click on the Paypal button during the checkout process. After confirming your order, you will be automatically directed to the Paypal site, where you may complete your payment.

Please note that your order will not be final until payment is completed, either via Credit Card or via Paypal. Also note that all Paypal payments made by Paypal eCheck need to clear before the order is shipped. For more information on clearing of eCheck funds, please contact Paypal.

Was my order placed?

Your order details will be emailed to you a short time later to the email address you specified earlier. Please note that if you have a Spam-blocker set or Junk mail filter, you must designate sales@vedicayurcare.com as an approved sender in order to receive our emails. If you're still concerned about whether your order was placed with us, please Contact Us.

When are orders shipped?

Mostly our orders are shipped within 24 hours of the time the order is placed. This means that most orders are received by the customer within 6-8 business days from the time of order, largely depending on the speed of the shipping carrier. (Our reliable shipping carrier is Canada Post)

When will my order be delivered?

The vast majority of our orders are received by the customer within 6-8 business days of the shipping date. Please be patient if your order is not one of them. When your order ships, we send a confirmation email to the email address you provided. To inquire about the status of a delayed order, please Contact Us with your order details.

Can you send my order via Express Delivery?

Yes, We can send your shipment based on your preference.

Do you accept Returns & provide Refunds?

Returns - Yes, We do Accept Returns if product is not opened or not used. Proof of purchase & original packaging is required. Shipping fees to our location is paid by buyer.

Refunds - No, We Do Not refund money but exchange or other option will be provided. Contact us in case of more information is needed.

Legal Disclaimer * These Statements have Not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are Not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.