• SBM Rejuena - An Ayurvedic Health Remedy

Have A Healthy Living with SBM Ayur Care Products. Try SBM Rejuena, SBM Enegex, SBM Fat Free, SBM Men's, Women's Supplements & SBM Hair Care products online or at store.

A Quality Product from SBM Ayur Care.Unique Ayurveda based Health Supplements Developed by Dr.Sreedevi Srinivasan. Available Worldwide.




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  • SBM Silkol Hair Root

    SBM Silkol Hair Root Stimulant
    SBM Silkol oil Stimulate Hair root and enhances hair growth hair
  • SBM Dandreena Dandru

    SBM Dandreena Dandruff & Dry skin Prevention Oil
    Say good-bye to dandruff in days. It is a guaranteed natural way
  • SBM Civettina

    SBM Civettina
    An Herbal & Ayurvedic Facepack. Derived from the Latin name of a

    Clinically tested and proven, SMN tablets are a unique combinatio
  • SBM Indra Neeli Hair

    SBM Indra Neeli Hair Oil  
    Hair care is now easy with SBM Indra Neeli Ayurvedic Hair Oil. Th
  • SBM Stress Free

    SBM Stress Free
    NPN-80060949 It helps to Resisting Stress, relieving Fatigue and
  • SBM Enegex

    SBM Enegex
    NPN-80061509 The problems related to sexual dysfunction and diso
  • SBM Muskol Oil

    SBM Muskol Oil
    Sexual dysfunction and disorders may occur due to physiological,

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